Package 7: Water Sports

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Package 7: Water Sports

Dive into the excitement with our Water Sports Package, featuring the sleek Old Town Heron XL Kayak paired with a comfortable Day Tripper Paddle for optimal paddling. Your safety is covered with the Motion Life Jacket, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience on the water. Perfect for both tranquil lake explorations and spirited river adventures, sponsored by the amazing folks at Reggie’s Sea-Doo and DuBois Realty. #7 in the Kora Shrine Sports Expo raffle.

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Embark on thrilling aquatic adventures with the Old Town Heron XL Kayak, a versatile and maneuverable vessel designed for exploring tranquil waters and scenic coastlines. Glide through the waves with ease using the Day Tripper Paddle, crafted for comfort and efficiency, ensuring smooth strokes and effortless navigation. Stay safe and secure on the water with the Motion Life Jacket, offering reliable flotation and freedom of movement for all-day comfort. Whether you’re paddling along serene lakeshores or navigating winding rivers, this kayak package provides the essential gear for an exhilarating outdoor excursion.

Sponsored in part by Reggie’s Sea-Doo and DuBois Realty