Package 4: Turkey Hunting

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Package 4: Turkey Hunting

Win the edge in turkey hunting with this all-inclusive package featuring a Stoeger P3000 Pump-Action Shotgun for unmatched field performance and a Handmade Slate Turkey Call to perfect your lure. Stay stealthy behind the Gobbler Blind and set the scene with lifelike Hen and Tom decoys, all while keeping comfortable on the Hunting Seat. Gear up and go with the handy Turkey Decoy BagPack. Background checks required; transfer via a local FFL dealer, sponsored by Hird Contracting.

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The centerpiece of this ensemble is the Stoeger P3000 Pump-Action Shotgun, a reliable and powerful firearm that ensures precision and performance in the field. Enhance your hunting skills with the Handmade Slate Turkey Call Box, expertly crafted to mimic the authentic sounds of a turkey, luring them in for a closer look. Take a comfortable seat in the wild with the included Hunting Seat. Strategically position the lifelike Turkey Decoys, featuring both a Hen and Tom, to attract and divert the attention of your game. Maximize concealment with the Gobbler Blind, providing you with the perfect vantage point for a successful hunt. When the expedition is over, pack up seamlessly with the Turkey Decoy BagPack, ensuring your gear stays organized and portable. Winner MUST pass all necessary background checks or an alternate winner will be chosen. Shotgun will be transferred to owner at a local FFL Dealer.
Rifle will be transferred to owner by Coastal Defense – an FFL

Sponsored by Hird Contracting