Sports Expo Online 50/50

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Sports Expo Online 50/50

Get ready for an exhilarating chance to win big at the Kora Shrine Sports Expo! We’re bringing the excitement directly to you with our exclusive Online 50/50 Raffle. Now you can participate in the thrill of the draw and score up to $4,750!

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Here’s what you need to know:

Grand Prize Alert: The stakes are high with our jackpot capping at a whopping $9,500! Once we reach this goal, we’ll pick one lucky champion who’ll pocket half the pot.

Back-to-Back Bonanza: The moment a winner is crowned, we kick off a fresh raffle right away. Your next win could be just around the corner!

Online Advantage: To ensure utmost fairness, our online raffle stands independent from the in-person raffle. This means every ticket you buy online boosts your individual chance to win the online-exclusive jackpot.

Be part of the Kora Shrine Sports Expo spirit! Grab your tickets and secure your chance to walk away richer. Each ticket not only inches you closer to a potential windfall but also supports the Kora Shrine.

Join the online frenzy and let the Kora Shrine Sports Expo bring the thrill of victory to your screen. Who will take home the prize? It could be you! Go ahead, place your bets on a win-win situation today!

Ready, set, raffle! Your ticket to the Kora Shrine Sports Expo Online 50/50 Raffle awaits. Don’t miss out on your slice of the pie!