Package 8: Geocaching

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Package 8: Geocaching

Unlock the thrill of treasure hunting with our Geocaching Package, featuring the high-precision Garmin ETREX 22X GPS for accurate tracking. Get started with the Intro to Geocaching Starter Kit and delve into expert strategies with the Geocaching Handbook. This adventure is amplified by a 1-Year Membership to an elite geocaching community, providing a year’s worth of exploratory fun and mystery.

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Embark on an exciting geocaching journey with our comprehensive package, starting with the Garmin ETREX 22X handheld GPS device. Explore hidden treasures and mysterious locations with precision using the advanced navigation features of the ETREX 22X. Dive deeper into the world of geocaching with the Intro to Geocaching Starter Kit, providing you with essential tools and resources to kickstart your adventure. Learn valuable tips and techniques from the Geocaching Handbook by Layne Cameron, guiding you through the intricacies of this captivating hobby. Plus, enjoy exclusive access to a year of thrilling challenges and hidden 2 caches with a 1-Year Membership to a premier geocaching community.

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