Package 6: Fly Fishing

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Package 6: Fly Fishing

Win the Fly Fishing Package and experience the joy of the perfect cast with the Eagle Claw Sawatch rod and reel, expertly crafted for precision and control. Keep your flies in order and ready for action with the Umpqua Fly Satchel and an assortment of essential fly fishing tools from the Loon Outdoors Kit. Land your catch with care using the gentle touch of the included Landing Net, all while adding a touch of rustic charm to your gear collection with the Wooden Wall Rack. Get ready for a seamless angling adventure, thanks to Dag’s Bait Shop & Collins Carpet Cleaning sponsorships.

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At the heart of this ensemble lies the Eagle Claw Sawatch 5w/9′ Combo, a high-performance rod and reel combination that guarantees smooth casting and precise control. Organize your flies with ease using the Umpqua Fly Satchel, featuring ample storage space and convenient compartments for easy access to your favorite patterns. Land your prized catch with finesse using the included Landing Net, ensuring a gentle and safe release back into the water. Stay organized and keep track of your tools with the handy Magnet, perfect for securing small items such as hooks and clippers. The Loon Outdoors Essentials Kit provides all the necessary accessories for fly tying and maintenance, ensuring your flies are in top condition for optimal success. Store and transport your flies securely with the Fly Case, while the classic Creel adds a touch of tradition to your fishing ensemble. With a selection of various flies to choose from, you’ll be ready to tackle any fishing scenario. Display your prized gear in style with the Wooden Wall Rack, adding a rustic charm to your home or cabin décor.

Sponsored in part by Dag’s Bait Shop and Collins Carpet Cleaning