Kora Kraftsman

Our Purpose


(a). To train and provide a degree team or teams to portray the Masonic legend and to confer in an appropriate manner all Masonic Degrees.

(b). To train and Provide degree teams, casts, or escorts to participate in or to confer any degree in a Masonic Body.

(c). To train and provide qualified and skilled individuals for the purpose of delivering various Masonic Lectures or other Masonic related presentations at public, semi-public or regular meetings of any Masonic Body.

(d). To train and provide suites to conduct and to perform public or private installations of the officers of any Masonic Body.

(e). To provide committees for the exploration of possible interstate dramatic presentations of various degrees in order to promote, enhance and cement Masonic relations with other Masonic or Shrine jurisdictions.

(f). To provide and maintain an avenue for fraternal and social activity for Past and Current Officers of Masonic Lodges, their ladies and families through fraternal meetings, banquets, dances and other social activities.