Kora DeMolay Council

Kora DeMolay Council is an Official Club of Kora Temple and we are looking for new members.  The purpose of Kora DeMolay Council is to support Maine DeMolay Association including their individual Chapters and Members through our members time, talents, efforts, and financial support. 

The Kora DeMolay Council “Club” membership is open ALL NOBLES of Kora Shrine.  We would invite any Nobles, especially those who are Senior or Honorary DeMolay, to joining this club and help us support our DeMolay Boys.  As we grow, we can become more active with our support.  Please considering joining, currently there is no cost to join and no club dues. 

Kora DeMolay Council’s annual fundraiser is our DeMolay Breakfast which is held on the first Sunday in October at Kora Shrine.  The funds raised at our breakfast has supported Maine DeMolay Association and Maine Rainbow for Girls since the 1960s.  Some of our support has been to assist in funding of trips to Lexington, Massachusetts, the Annual DeMolay International Conclave & DeMolay’s Centennial Pilgrimage to Paris, France, and more recently purchasing a new trailer for Maine DeMolay Association which they use at their annual Conclave.  This year we will be assisting Maine DeMolay to charter a bus for an outing to Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox and also to put graphics on DeMolay’s new trailer. 

President – Pete Provencher
VP – Mike Theriault
Sec’y/Treasurer – Steve Peterson
Member at Large – Rok Morin