Director – Jason Davis
Assistant Director – Crawford Perry
Secretary – Aaron Burke
Treasurer – Brad Johnson


The Kora Shrine Greeter Unit was formed in 1983. Prior to that date, we were part of the staff, similar to the Aides, under the direction of the Potentate.

Our specific duties consist of, but are not limited to, Kora Shrine Center Ceremonials and other mandatory functions such as the Shrine Circus, Shrine Lobster Bowl, and FEZtival of Trees. We sell and collect admission tickets at most of these functions. Greeting nobles and their ladies and the general public at Shrine events is an important part of our duties. We try to answer any questions about the murals in the temple along with the history of Kora Shrine and assist the Potentate at his direction.

We have 4 or 5 stated meetings per year, usually on the day of a Kora Stated Meeting (at 5 PM in the Greeter Room) as well as outings and casual gatherings which are optional. The Greeters are always looking for new members who are enthusiastic and want to participate in our duties to help make our Shrine Center successful in its’ endeavors to support our Boston and Springfield Hospitals.