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Cycle Corps

Director – Lenny Perkins
Assistant Director – Marc DeBlois
Lieutenant – Bob McWilliam
Captain – Carl Pinkham
Treasurer – Shaun Carr
Secretary – Chris Beal

The Cycle Corps (a mini-bike unit) was formed and became an official Temple unit in 1969. Our motto is “We ride so kids can walk,” and our mission is to support Kora Shriners by participation in parades, participation in inter-temple competitions at conventions, and supporting and conducting fundraising projects for our hospital philanthropies.

Current membership in the Cycle Corps is 20 with a listed maximum strength of 25. A prospective member must be a member in good standing of Kora Shriners and have a valid driver’s license.

Each member will be assigned ( if possible) a 5 HP Rupp mini-bike, helmet, and most of the Unit’s parade uniform and Fez will be purchased by the Unit. Members are responsible for their own dress uniform, blue sports coat and grey pants, maroon golf type shirt.  Annual dues are $25.00

Meetings of the Cycle Corps are held once a month and practices when the director designates a need.   75% attendance record of all the Unit’s functions is required. The Unit participates in approximately 12 parades, 1 competition and 4 ceremonials per year.

Entertainment and fundraising projects are sponsored by the Kora Cycle Corps. Wives and Ladies of the members are very supportive. The Kora Cycle Corps is one of the more active units at Kora Shriners, because of this, our services are always in demand.

Camden Snow Bowl

Kora was represented for the first time ever in the U.S. National Toboggan Championships at the Camden Snow Bowl in 2018. Four Nobles from our very own Cycle Corps Unit decided to test their stealth and speed while sporting their Fez Bear costumes. Coming in with a run time of 11.01, Marc DeBlois, Bob Levesque, Scott Mclean, and Carl Pinkham took to the shoot again this year beating that time with a 9.99.

However this year they were not alone…four additional Cycle Corp Nobles created a second four-man toboggan team…Mark Lovejoy, Matt James, James Moreau, and Rick Leclair gave the original team a run for their money coming in just under with a time of 9.95.


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