Director/Treasurer – Gene Tanguay
Vice President/Secretary – Kenneth Maxfield


The purpose of the Kora Shrine Buccaneers is to participate in designated Kora Shrine events as well as promoting loyalty, brotherhood, and shrinedom. The Kora Shrine Buccaneers shall also promote the Kora Shrine Center through participation in public functions.

Each Unit member must purchase their own costume. Costume shall consist of shirt, waistcoat, bandana, pants, knee socks, and dark shoes. The Unit must approve the costume. Unit patch is to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the costume shirt. The average cost of a costume will be around $120.00. The costume wearer will be responsible for keeping their costume clean and presentable. Dress uniform shall be a blazer, white shirt and blue tie.

Initiation fee shall be assessed for an amount that will cover the cost of the Unit Fez strip, Unit ball cap, Unit golf shirt, 2 Unit patches, and the first year’s dues. The 2023 initiation fee is $100.00.

Dues are $15.00 per year and are due at the Annual Meeting.

The Buccaneers have monthly meetings so as to keep everyone up to date with Shrine information as well Buccaneer business.

Maine's 200th Birthday Parade
Circus in Lewiston
Old Orchard Beach Parade
Augusta Circus
Wilton Parade 2019