Arab Patrol



The Arab Patrol has been an active performing Unit of the Temple since 1906. Its mission is to become proficient in the Arab Dill and Tactics and to assist the Illustrious Potentate in the work of the Temple. The Arab Patrol takes part in parades and engages in competitions with other Shrine Patrols whenever possible, such as at the Northeast Shrine Convention or Imperial Session

Membership requirements are; at the time of application the member shall not have attained his 56th birthday, must have the ability and interest to participate in marching and close order drill and must also be willing to attend rehearsals, functions and participate in fundraising activities.

The distinctive uniform of the Arab Patrol is supplied by the Patrol but the member must supply his own specially designated shoes at a cost of about $35.00 Annual dues are $25.00.

Approximately 40 rehearsals and meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at the Temple October through April and in the parking lot behind Marden’s in Lewiston May through September. Faithful attendance is required at parades and ceremonials. The Arab Patrol performs in an average of 12 parades each year.

The Patrol co-sponsors an annual Thanksgiving Turkey Smoker with the Androscoggin County Shrine Club, held at Kora Temple the Friday before Thanksgiving.


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