Kora Drifters
February 21, 2023

In five years, we have from the ground up formed the Kora Drifters, grown from 5 to 13 members, purchased 10 trikes with 2 more on order, built a custom golf cart for parades, outfitted and lettered a trailer (Thanks Mike C!). We have completely remodeled a room at the temple, held Christmas parties, Independence Day parties, unit outings, birthday parties, barn raisings, and an eagle scout ceremony. We have become a shrine family!

We have participated in more than 50 events where we have obliterated tire sleeves (Mike B), driven sideways more than straight ahead, hurriedly fixed mechanical issues, and swapped tires mid-parade. But also have brought smiles to children’s faces (an adults too). Entertaining crowds across the state while raising funds and awareness for the Shriners Hospitals.

This edition brings a changing of the guards, or directors for the Kora Drifters. Since 2018 noble Bernie Fortin has provided direction and motivation for this group and has done an outstanding job. Bernie is a family man, not just at home but with his shrine family as well. Countless times he has gone out of his way to help a brother in need and to be part of solutions when the call is made. Thank you, Bernie, from all of the Drifters for your dedication and perseverance. Recently, we were able to present Bernie with his Emeritus Directors Fez at one of our stated meetings.

Also pictured is Noble Jaison Hall and Noble Dave Bucknam. Jaison has been elected as our new Director and Dave will be our new Assistant Director. Jaison’s enthusiasm for this group is incredible, always thinking about the next step and making sure the bases are loaded. And Daves attention to detail and witty sense of humor keeps us on our toes for sure. I am excited for the next 5 years and what this tag team will lead the group towards.
Now all this is not to brag but to show that many times before us, units and clubs have been formed and grown and have seen huge success because of the time, energy and enthusiasm of its members. With a little motivation, a lot can happen in a short amount of time. The Kora Drifters are incredibly lucky to be a part of this temple, and look forward to the next 5+ years and all that lay in store for us.

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