2018 Spring Ceremonial

Kora Temple

March 23, 2018



3:00 PM   Opening of the Temple and Business Meeting, Cold Sands presentation for new Nobles.

3:00 PM   Ladies Event in the Oasis

4:30 PM   Closing of the Temple

4:45 PM   Social Hour in the Oasis

5:45 PM   Circus Presentation and Poster Handouts

6:00 PM   Lasagna Dinner in the Dining Hall by the Crazy Cops

7:00-10:00 Dancing and Comedy by Little Music Man

Cost is $20.00 per person. Please call the Kora Office at 207-782-6831 or log onto www.korashriners.org to register.

Please help make Kora strong, bring in a candidate.

 Don’t forget your dues card, and please register today!

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