Crazy Cops

Director – Mike Klick
Assistant Director – Rob Madore
Captain – Mike Higgins
First Lieutenant – Randy Murray
Supply Sergeant – Bob Doyle
Baliff (Treasurer) – Moe Poirier
Secretary – Glen Lalumiere
Scribe – Mike O’Leary

The Crazy Cops are one of the largest and more active units at Kora Temple. We travel around the central and southern part of Maine parading at city and town events, acting as ambassadors for the Temple and representing the Shriners Children’s Hospitals. We also are very active in the Shrine Circus and the Feztival of Trees, as well as many other events at Kora. In this capacity, we present ourselves and represent our Brothers with dignity while having fun.

Kora Crazy Cops were proud to support the 12th Annual FEZtival of Trees.  The FEZtival attendees loved our tree and car bed frame.


Thank You to all the Crazy Cops that helped with this event and of course all the people that came to enjoy the FEZtival of Trees.

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