Kora Konnect: UTV Raffle

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Kora Konnect: UTV Raffle

Get ready for an exciting summer with the Kora Konnect Project! We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Jackman PowerSports and the addition of a 2023 CanAm 1000 4 passenger ATV to our fleet. Thanks to Charlie and Sons Trailers, we’ll be transporting the ATV throughout the State of Maine to different events and communities. The More You Buy, The More You Save 1 ticket for $10  ~OR~  3 tickets for $20

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Introducing the Kora Konnect Project – the perfect way to kick off the Spring season! Our mission is to connect the Noble to Kora and their community through fundraising and community engagement.

We’re also excited to announce our partnership with Jackman PowerSports, who gave us a great deal on a 2023 CanAm 1000 4 passenger ATV. Charlie and Sons Trailers have generously provided us with a trailer to transport the ATV throughout the State of Maine this Summer & early Fall. Keep an eye out for the ATV at different events & communities throughout this summer.

To help us continue our mission, we will be holding a raffle at The Summer Ceremonial. Tickets will be available for signing out by Nobles at the event, and we’re also planning on having the raffle available online. Last year, Nobles sold thousands of dollars in tickets by taking them and selling them to family & friends. With your support, we will raise significant funds to support Nobles to Konnect to Kora and their Communities.

Join us in making a difference in the community and supporting the Kora Konnect Project. Thank you for your support!

For a full copy of the raffle rules, click here.



We’d also like to thank our amazing sponsors!


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