Kora Shrine Living Past Potentates


Year Last Name First Name Email Address
2021 Tanguay Brent [email protected]
2020 Jutras Sonny [email protected]
2018 Phinney Douglas [email protected]
2017 Gailey John [email protected]
2016 Poulin, MD Paul [email protected]
2014 Gove Daniel [email protected]
2013 Kaherl Everett [email protected]
2012 Gates Barry [email protected]
2011 Knox John jrk[email protected]
2010 Lidstone David [email protected]
2009 Finnimore Karl [email protected]
2008 Lalumiere Glen [email protected]
2007 Nason Thomas A. [email protected]
2006 Moulton Edward A. [email protected]
2005 Swasey Douglas B. [email protected]
2004 Morin O’Neil [email protected]
2003 McFadden Michael C. [email protected]
2001 Preble Frank R. [email protected]
1999 Olfene, Jr Richard B. [email protected]
1998 Sherman Paul D. [email protected]
1997 Bibber Richard V. [email protected]
1995 Curtis James E. [email protected]
1991 Downing George A. [email protected]
1981 Hodgkins, Jr Ralph [email protected]
1980 Cooper Douglas [email protected]
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